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Ipr Policy

With the rapid development of computer & mobile phone technology and information technology, the demand for social progress, enterprise traditional manual mode of production and management entered a new era - the information age. With the increasing level of information to promote and standardize information security system construction, information risk assessment to protect corporate and customer information assets from abuse has become a Division we realize the importance of information operations strategic objectives.

By establishing IT governance and access control mechanisms to ensure consistency, IT and administrative departments IT strategy and business strategy together for file transfer printing, U disk / CD / HDD and other storage devices, email and Internet, and even cell phone camera such as the surface layers were strict control, and improve and standardize the information security management system.

In order to ensure the security and confidentiality of corporate and customer information, the company must strictly abide by all the rules governing information security, information security risks to eliminate from all levels. All staff signed Confidentiality agreement. Customer information, products and home goods will be processed in accordance with strict secrecy to ensure the confidentiality of business information.

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